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PAB, 23 March 2006, 8 comments
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Things are really starting to come together, we can’t release any names yet, but if you want a general idea of the flow of the meetup, you can check out the Schedule of events


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  1. Cat
    28 March 2006, 9:34 am

    Where do we register?

    Do you have an RSS feed to subscribe to?

  2. Mark
    30 March 2006, 12:05 pm

    Hey Cat!

    You can complete our online registration form and either mail us a cheque, or pay online using Paypal.

    We have created an RSS feed ( I expect that it will remain stagnant until closer to the event.

    See you there!

  3. Charles
    30 March 2006, 11:01 pm

    Are y’all going to post podcast for those of us who can’t attend. :( Maybe a live Skype feed?

  4. mark
    31 March 2006, 12:42 am

    We have some ideas about the feed and won’t disclose them right now. If you’re worried that you’ll miss something, sign up. I mean, you can’t very well podcast a good Canadian beer. :)

  5. Andy Bilodeau
    31 March 2006, 11:25 pm

    Hey Charles,

    Call me kooky…but I think there’s an outside chance someone may have a recording device!


  6. MasterMaq's Blog
    04 April 2006, 6:17 pm

    Podcasters Across Borders…

    There are so many podcasting events taking place now, which is a good sign of the buzz level surrounding……

  7. Jim
    12 April 2006, 10:25 am

    Any rumors on the Saturday night entertainment? Could we get Jonathan Coulton (

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