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**Update 6/23/11 – Due to a mixup within the staff at the boat people, our cruise plans had to change rather abruptly. There is still a cruise, and it’s back to being 2 hours, starting at 9pm. See the program for the final information.. Sorry for any confusion! **

The boat cruise is a PABtradition we started at PAB2007. Originally a one-off 1 hour boat ride, it quickly became a cherished and integral part of the PABexperience. “Way too awesome and way too short” were some of the comments after that first year. So, we made it longer.  This year, we had the opportunity to do that again, so instead of a quick jaunt, the boat cruise this year will be a full 3 hour event. At no extra cost to you!
The cruise starts at 8pm (dock location to be confirmed, the water levels are high this year!), and to make sure everyone gets time to grab supper and make the boat, we’ll tweak the saturday schedule to make the day end a bit earlier.
If you have registered to attend PAB2011, (do it soon if you haven’t!!!) the boat cruise is part of your event. We’re family people, so as in previous years, you are also invited to bring along your partner/spouse and child(ren).  While there is no specific need to register your partner/spouse and child(ren), it’s handy to know how many people you will be bringing along so please send us an email ( to let us know.


Photo Credit BEHOLD! The iPhone in all it’s glory!, by Daniele Rossi. That’s Eden Spodek, who we hope to see again this year :)


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  1. Scarboroiugh Dude
    09 June 2011, 11:16 am

    Very grateful to you guys for shortening the difficult to remember name ‘Podcasters Under Boardwalks’ to ‘PUB’ – should be easy to find in Ottawa if I get lost.

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