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We’re introducing something new this year. It’s called a content walk. After all, other conferences have photo walks and PAB is conference about content creation; shouldn’t PAB have a content walk?

We like to think of ours as a bit different, though. Here’s how.

Our content walk is open to all forms of content creation, whether in a style you’re accustomed to, one you’d like to develop with the help of others around you who may have more experience in that medium or with folk who just might have some interesting ideas you can learn from and adapt.

There’s more. Our hope is the people who participate in the PAB2011 content walk will use the content they capture to create/produce a 1-2 minute story during the weekend using ideas and skills they pick up during the conference. We recognize that time might be at a premium during the weekend. On the other hand, some fast workers may have something we can share with the conference by the time we host the final wrap-up.

So, grab your favourite piece of content capturing technology (camera, audio recorder, video camera, sketchpad and pencil), meet us at the NAC 4th Stage at 2pm on Friday, and be ready to capture elements that speak to you during a walking tour of downtown Ottawa. (Note: we’ll understand if the audio enthusiasts want to splinter off to capture sound without chatter or the sound of camera shutters)

Of course, if the weather isn’t cooperative, we may just all end up at a museum or pub. :)


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