Scott Florence to kick off PAB2012

There are many milestones in planning each PAB that make the conference feel more real for us. One of the standouts is confirming the opening keynote speaker. We’ve found that the opening keynote frames the context for each conference and contributes significantly to the energy of the weekend. Keynote speakers whose names often come up in conversations of the most inspiring sessions include Shelagh Rogers (2006), Mark Poirier (2011) and especially Jowi Taylor (2009).

PAB2012 will be kicked off by Scott Florence. Scott is the artistic director of ¬†the Company of Fools, an Ottawa-based theatre troupe best known for its energetic and entertaining outdoor “Torchlight” productions of Shakespeare plays in area parks each summer. The pass-the-hat performances modernize the Bard’s plays. In recent years, Scott has overseen casts of three or four engage audiences — small to massive — with plays including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, and¬†Twelfth Night. The Fools will be performing Henry the Fifth this summer. Scott was part of the cast of the troupe’s “Shakespeare’s Dead” which entertained audiences with insight into some of the many death scenes we’ve learned about in English and drama classes.

Scott is also a great guy to have a chat with over coffee.



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