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Poetry: what exactly am I writing? (PAB2012 session by Brandon Wint)

Yazan: PAB | 22 June 2012 | No Comments
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Excerpts from slam poet Brandon Wint‘s PAB2012 session about creativity, the creative process and the relationship between creativity and life. PAB was an annual three-day conference about creativity, content creation, audience engagement and online relationship building. The conference flourished on a reputation of strong content and a welcoming community, attracting participants from as far away [...]

Announcements Forthcoming!

Yazan: PAB | 07 May 2012 | No Comments
Categories: Notes, PAB2012

Thanks a million for your patience waiting for updates on this year’s conference. We’re later than usual finalizing our plans and making announcements. Those in the know are aware the delays were a result of me (and my family) being part of my uncle’s support network following his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer in November. He [...]

Setting the stage for PAB2011

Yazan: PAB | 20 May 2011 | No Comments
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That’s what the stage looked like at the NAC for PAB2010 – How will it look this year? Hmm….. So you’ve been listening to Canadian Podcast Buffet for all the updates, right? Of course you have.  In case you haven’t yet though, here’s a summary of what we’ve announced so far.. We’ve even linked to [...]

Things are moving along!

Yazan: PAB | 15 April 2011 | 1 Comment
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Oh sure, the National Arts Centre looks quiet in this picture, but in less than 70 days it will be teeming (TEEMING I TELL YOU) with a group of people who’s awesomeness cannot be measured. We haven’t written much here lately, but that doesn’t mean we’re not in full PAB-Prep! The program is being put [...]

PAB2011 early registration extended

Yazan: PAB | 20 June 2010 | No Comments
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PABsters intending to enjoy the entire weekend focused on PAB2010 and remaining offline convinced us we should extend the PAB2011 early registration period to allow for travel home from the conference. So, we’ve extended the early registration rate of CDN$120/person to 11:55pmET, July 1, 2010. This will be your only chance to register for PAB2011 [...]

PAB2010 Speaker profile: Mare Swallow

Yazan: PAB | 05 June 2010 | 2 Comments
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Mare Swallow has been a public speaker, coach, and workshop leader since 1997. In her business life, she’s the principal of Swallow Consulting. In her online life, she’s Etiquette Bitch, where she looooves telling people what to do from the safety of her blog and podcast. She’s also an actress and writer. Mare becomes a [...]


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