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Thank you for being part of PAB2008

Yazan: PAB | 22 June 2008 | 10 Comments
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It’s hard to believe that the weekend is over. Thank you to everyone who was a part of PAB2008 — participants, sponsors, hospitality staff, restaurants, and more. The event exceeded all expectations for engagement, inspiration, motivation and community. Audio from all of the speaking sessions and Jolts will be released over the course of the [...]

Dinner at Foorno Wood Fired Pizza

Yazan: PAB | 20 June 2008 | 16 Comments
Categories: PAB2008

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we have a reservation for 28 people for dinner at Foorno Wood Fired Pizza (343 King Street E) at 5:30pm, tonight — something Bob LeDrew referred to as an ‘eatup’. Space is limited so we really need people to ‘claim’ their seats. If you would like to [...]

Good morning!

Yazan: PAB | 20 June 2008 | 2 Comments
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Holy cow!  It’s Friday, June 20! Good morning, PABsters.   For those of you en route to Kingston today,  safe travels.  See you in a few hours.

Download the updated PAB2008 program

Yazan: PAB | 19 June 2008 | 1 Comment
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We’ve updated the the PAB2008 program to reflect a minor change in the speaking program, block in the Jolt speakers and more clearly identify the recommended eateries and watering holes on the map. The program includes the conference schedule and session descriptions, information about Kingston and recommended eateries (thanks to the Limestone New Media Group [...]

Yes… there is still space

Yazan: PAB | 19 June 2008 | No Comments
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We’ve received a few requests asking if there is still space for new registrants – largely because we accidentally set the registration tool to close yesteday. There is still space and the registration tool has been extended to tomorrow. To register for PAB2008, click here.

PAB Teasers #5

Yazan: PAB | 19 June 2008 | No Comments
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This is our last teasers show before PAB2008.  On this installment, you’ll hear: Andy Bilodeau driving to PAB part 1 Description: Valerie in Toronto (Valerie Hunter) Heart’s Desire (Michelle Boudreau and Stevie Z) The Sieve (Stevie Z) Video StudentGuy (Paul Lyzun) Andy Bilodeau driving to PAB part 2 See you on Friday! Click here to [...]


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