Out (PAB2012 JOLT! by Bill Deys JOLT)

Yazan: PAB | 20 June 2012 | No Comments
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In his PAB2012 JOLT!, Bill Deys shares some of his own experiences finding problems that need solving and creating community-building environments. PAB was an annual three-day conference about creativity, content creation, audience engagement and online relationship building. The conference flourished on a reputation of a strong content and a welcoming community, attracting participants from as far [...]

That’s community

Yazan: PAB | 15 June 2009 | No Comments
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Congratulations to Shelley Montreuil, winner of the CastRoller PAB09 registration giveaway — and thank you to Bill Deys and William Spaetzel for their community spirit in making this giveaway available. Another giveaway will be selected and announced CPB-145 (recording tonight).  That’s the giveaway of real maple syrup (not the crappy table kind) from the Kingston [...]


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