PAB2011 limited time discount

Yazan: PAB | 20 June 2010 | No Comments
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PAB has always been the kind of conference that keeps the audience engaged. Which means updating this website during the event is not only difficult, but one of the furthest things from our minds. So, you’ll have to wait until later this week for us to regroup, share our thoughts and start publishing audio and [...]

5 days left for PAB2009 early registration

Yazan: PAB | 27 December 2008 | No Comments
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There are just 5 days left to register for PAB2009 at the crazy-low earlybird rate of CDN$120/person.  Beginning January 1, 2009, registration jumps to CDN$150/person (a bargain if there ever was one). Register now to save money and guarantee yourself a seat for the main event of 2009! We’re also accepting speaking and JOLT proposals [...]

PAB2009 early registration now open

Yazan: PAB | 01 December 2008 | No Comments
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Surprise!  For the last few years we’ve given ample warning for early registration and limited it to a single week.  We’re all about excitement here so we’ve opened early registration, today, with no warning, for the entire month of December!  You can also reserve your hotel room. Everything you need to know is right here… [...]


Stay up to date on PAB2012

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the offical podcast of PAB. As the conference approaches, this is the show to listen to get updates, ideas and learn about the people and places you’ll see at PAB.
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