Some of the many links to PAB2011 content

Yazan: PAB | 04 July 2011 | No Comments
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Here are some of the many links to PAB2011 content created by members of the PAB community. Let us know if we’re missing anything. 42 – Émission 003 (4 de 4) : Coprésence interactive à la SAT, PAB 2011 et Everything is a remix (Laurent Lasalle) PAB2011: Not Just Another Social Media Conference and The [...]

Thank you for making #PAB2011 incredible

Yazan: PAB | 26 June 2011 | No Comments
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As an event, PAB2011 is now officially complete. Thanks to everyone who participated this year and helped make PAB2011 an incredible and inspiring conference. PAB2012 is taking place June 15-17, 2012 at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Early registration is now open. Until midnight tonight, you can register to participate in PAB2012 for only [...]

The final countdown

Yazan: PAB | 23 June 2011 | No Comments
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PAB2011 is less than 24 hours away. Which means it’s time to issue a few reminders. 1) A PDF of the PAB2011 program is available for download. We’re really proud of it so even if you don’t think you need it, make us feel great by downloading it and then being sure to tell us [...]

Your travel-to-PAB2011 audio soundtrack

Yazan: PAB | 22 June 2011 | No Comments
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Our annual “travel to PAB” podcast to help prepare you for the main event. This edition includes tips from Bruce Murray and Andy Bilodeau, both of whom were at the first two PABs and will be making their triumphant return at PAB2011. Newcomers get it (Mark can breathe) Thanks to Bob Ledrew for organizing the [...]

Download your copy of the PAB2011 program

Yazan: PAB | 21 June 2011 | No Comments
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At long last, the PAB2011 program is now available for download. Let us know if we’ve missed anything. Thank you to Tod Maffin for helping us pull the program together. UPDATE (June 22, 12:15amET): A corrected version of the program has been uploaded. If you’ve already downloaded the program, you may wish to download a [...]

Friday afternoon content walk

Yazan: PAB | 21 June 2011 | No Comments
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We’re introducing something new this year. It’s called a content walk. After all, other conferences have photo walks and PAB is conference about content creation; shouldn’t PAB have a content walk? We like to think of ours as a bit different, though. Here’s how. Our content walk is open to all forms of content creation, [...]


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