Waking Ellis: The evolution of a voice (PAB2012 session by Jason Goldsmith)

Yazan: PAB | 17 June 2012 | No Comments
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Excerpts from Jason Goldsmith’s PAB2012 session in which he shared the remarkable story of communicating with his young son who has autism using drawings. Lack of communication does not equal a lack of intelligence. For more information on Jason and Ellis and their experiences discovering Ellis’ voice, visit TheBigBlueHug.com. PAB was an annual three-day conference [...]

Why you should help people with no voice tell their stories

Yazan: PAB | 27 July 2011 | No Comments
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Robin Browne gets PABsters on their feet and encourages them to make positive change by sharing their talents and skills to help others with no voice tell their stories. PAB is an annual three-day conference about digital content creation, audience engagement and online relationship building. The conference has flourished on a reputation of strong content [...]


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